Menu Plan Monday: Still Getting Fixed



Good news! Losing weight! Very slowly.

Bad news! Portion control sucks even when you are eating healthy but the food tastes damn delicious. That is one thing about this program that I like, the base recipes are pretty tasty and I can season to my heart's content. 
Last week, to ease confusion (and allow us each to focus on our preferred eating methods and times), we decided that I would still menu plan, but then tell him what dinner was and he could work out the rest of his containers from there. 

I found out that even if I was hitting all my containers, I wasn't actually getting enough calories and all I wanted to do was sleep. So now I track my containers and log everything in MFP to make sure I'm getting enough calories to continue to function instead of impersonating Prince Valium.

Water intake is up, but still not where it needs to be. So are bathroom breaks, which means more steps throughout the day. See how it all fits together? 

Dinner Menu Plan

    • 1 Red
    • 2 Yellow
    • 1 Purple
    • 1 Red
    • 1½ Yellow
    • 2 Green
    • 1 Red
    • 1 tsp.
    • 1 Green
    • 1 Red
    • ½ Blue
    • 1 tsp.
I'm getting the hang of this system and last week was able to "fix" my old Beef and Broccoli recipe and even adjust so that we got double the veggies for the meal (we were both short on green containers by dinner time).

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