Menu Plan Monday: Week Two - No Cannibalism Yet

unsplash-logoPhoto credit: ANDI WHISKEY on Unsplash
So, here we are in Week 2 and I really should not be complaining. We have it relatively easy here in Massachusetts compared to other states and countries (as of Monday 3/23/2020 morning when I wrote this, who knows what it will be like tonight).

I did do a lot of bored eating this weekend and will have to work it off this week. But healthy eating instead of carb-loading like everyone else seems to be helping. I mean, the bread, pasta, and frozen aisles still look like this

And Instacart isn't available for delivery until Friday, March 27, but I'm hoping my pickup order will, in fact, be available this evening.

Based on all of these uncertainties, this week's menu is based on food I still have in the freezer and pantry and some fresh fruits and vegetables I was able to pick up last Friday.

Breakfast each morning will be an Aussie pie from my favorite coffee shop:

Lunch for me will either be a Shakeology shake or a canned salmon salad (spinach, dried fruit, nuts, olive oil). Quick, easy, and the only way I can think of to use up all the frozen fruit in my freezer.

Dinner (in no particular order):

  1. Chicken Sausage and Squash Sautee (zucchini and yellow/summer) 
  2. Harissa chicken thighs from last week (the curry lasted a few days, yay leftovers!)
  3. Roasted (with maple syrup and probably turkey bacon) Brussels sprouts and Lemon pepper chicken breasts
  4. Turkey and butternut squash black bean chili
  5.  Short rib tacos
  6. Bonus - if I do get everything on my grocery order, I will be making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
I'm kinda looking forward to cooking this week -- all things tasty. 

How are you holding up and what are you planning to eat? Will you be cooking or ordering from any local businesses that stay open?