Menu Plan Monday: Isolation - Week One

The times we live in ...

This morning, I am already fighting outside induced boredom (so much nicer when I impose it on myself) and made some banana bread. Comfort food - FTW. 
Paleo Banana Bread with Sunflower seed butter - allergen free

I am not a hoarder. When I went to the grocery store on Friday, I got enough to get us through about a week. That was before all of the announcements that came out Sunday and the rumor of one coming out this afternoon. 

I'm going to have to brave the grocery store again soon, or maybe I will do an Instacart pickup. Provided my store has anything in stock. I see myself getting up at 6am ... 

Anywho - we still have to eat and I have a whole lot of frozen fish and chicken to use up.

Monday Baked Lemon Haddock with broccoli and (white) quinoa. 

And then I baked

Tuesday: Corned Beef and Cabbage - of course

Wednesday: Leftovers from yesterday - backup Indian Curry

Thursday: Harissa Thighs (thank you Trader Joe's and New Englanders too afraid of a little spice) 
Friday:  Chicken tortilla (plantain) Soup
Inspired by and photo credit: 

How are you holding up this week?


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