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Menu Plan Monday: Week Three - All The Carbs

What'd You Say GIF from Vanessawilliams GIFs Week Three Formula: PMS + being "safe at home" (silver lining right) + nothing but rain and clouds for a few days = ultimate storm for emo-eating. Right now, I am going to give my body and brain what it craves. With some veggies thrown in just to keep things moving. And these Bulletproof gels . I've been taking them for a week now, maybe two... via GIPHY After a week, I can't give a definitive answer as to whether they are working for me or not. Have any of you tried them?

Menu Plan Monday: Week Two - No Cannibalism Yet

unsplash-logo Photo credit: ANDI WHISKEY on Unsplash So, here we are in Week 2 and I really should not be complaining . We have it relatively easy here in Massachusetts compared to other states and countries (as of Monday 3/23/2020 morning when I wrote this, who knows what it will be like tonight).

Menu Plan Monday: Isolation - Week One

The times we live in ... This morning, I am already fighting outside induced boredom (so much nicer when I impose it on myself) and made some banana bread. Comfort food - FTW.  Paleo Banana Bread with Sunflower seed butter - allergen free