Menu Plan Monday: Whole Foods is a Zoo

This week I decided to be brave and go to Whole Foods myself instead of having someone else do it. On a Sunday. I thought I had self-control and all that.

The fact that 90% of the people in Whole Foods were shopping for other people made it a lot easier, a person couldn't even walk through the aisles! I had to keep parking my cart and maneuvering down aisles trying to find the things on my list. Bonus, I wasn't familiar with the layout, so it was most definitely not an efficient trip.

But I still spent less than I estimated looking at everything tossed in the cart.

And now for what you came here for:

The Menu

Sunday: Fall Flavored Hash

Chicken breast, pecans, granny smith apple, and spinach.

Monday: Butter Roasted Halibut (haddock is what I have) with Asparagus

Tuesday: Korean Beef Bowls

Wednesday: House of Blues Sweet Potato Hash (with chicken)

Thursday: Mole

Friday: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes