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Menu Plan Monday: Meal Prep For Stress-Free Weekday Nights

Yeah, the vegetarian kickstart didn’t go as planned. Completely derailed, but what else is new. I have finally admitted that I need to do meal prep for our different dietary needs/desires/my own personal sanity. I don't need to eat as often and he does to be on strict IF + Keto, and IP is gone for the next two months, so I can ease up on the FODMAP+ Paleo AIP side prep.   So … we’re (I'm)going to attempt meal prep this Sunday (guess who gets to clean the fridge first) and see how it goes. I’ve done it before with some success and much grumbling. Him, not so much, but I also don’t have an issue with food. I exercise so I can eat. I know that I love to eat and try new flavors (eating the same thing week in and week out will make me fall off sooner any "diet"faster than anything else), and I know when I am full and stop eating. My issues these days are hormone imbalance (birth control keeps me sane but also packs on the pounds) and lack of exercise plus a shitt