Menu Plan Monday: Week of March 4-9, 2019

This is a bit of a crazy week. I am finally employed again (YAY! I start today!), but I have a long commute (not so yay), out of the city and I don't think I will have time to grocery shop until I get a better lay of the land and my new schedule.

Thank goodness for Amazon Fresh.

I could also use my local grocery store, but they use Instacart and I get charged for delivery. I might as well make the Amazon subscription pay for itself.

I will be out of town the latter half of the week catching up on being an OG/Nana. I still haven't decided on my "grandma name", but she's not talking yet, so for now it doesn't matter.

And now for the food:

: Soup's on! Warm, comfort food-y, paleo and FODMAP friendly version of Broccoli (Cheddar) Soup with Chicken.

My original recipe can be found here.

Taco Salad - these have become liked enough by everyone to officially replace "Taco Tuesday" with shells.

Wednesday: Thai Red Curry
-- I have sweet potatoes to use up and everyone here actually likes asparagus.

Thursday - Sunday: Hunting around DFW for a soy-free/dairy-free/gluten-free place to feed IP. There's a Trader Joe's nearby, so maybe I'll just grocery shop for the time I am there. I can't wait to see my little Sweet Potato.

She's grown so much since I took this.