Menu Plan Monday: February 17- 24

February 18, 2019
Menu Plan Monday | Clean Eating for the Masses

Sometimes it takes me a little bit to get back into the proverbial saddle. I planned for all of January, and most of February is in my Passion Planner, I just haven't gotten around to that final step of putting it on the blog. Lucky for you, I'm feeling extra motivated today, so here you go, this week's menu plan.

Sunday: Sweet Potato Chicken Curry (Indian, not Thai).
I had to create something that was tasty, low FODMAP, and paleo/keto. Big win, Joy had no flares, I had thirds, and even Hank was willing to eat it for leftovers.

Meatless Monday: Veggie Stir Fry
Taco-ish Tuesday: Chocolate Chili from the Well Fed series.

I've been craving mole, but haven't gotten around to hunting down the necessary chiles. Have to modify the recipe to be peanut-free (kid has an allergy).

Wednesday: African Sweet Potato Soup
An oldie, but goodie. I need to update the recipe to fit our current dietary needs.

Fresh ingredients and chef-designed recipes - try Home Chef at $30 off.

Thursday: Steak with Sauce Robert (sub in coconut cream, Hank can have the light cream in his coffee)

Fish Friday: Baja Shrimp Bowl

Saturday: Garlic-Thyme Roasted Chicken

Fresh ingredients and chef-designed recipes - try Home Chef at $30 off.

Sunday: Eggplant Ratatouille with Lamb Meatballs


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