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January 2019 Whole 30

Hell Week. I mean month. Here we go, the reset. The fun part this time around, trying to make it work for three people, one who is on a restricted FODMAPS diet and has POTS symptoms. To be perfectly honest, as my daughter has pointed out, she has kept to mostly healthy snacks since arriving. The downside - she's already lost weight which means there will be clothes shopping in our future.

I'll be updating this post throughout the month as I do my weekly menu planning.  I started prepping my mind and body the last week in December and I am already in the KILL ALL THE THINGS phase along with "Let's go back to the gym," and now there's a storm, so my hips and shoulders really hate me, plus being over 40 and female ... so yeah, I'm going to be a little grumpy and all of my energy will be used to be civil to people. Please don't expect nice.

When can I go back to eating chocolate???????

Week 1: Jan 1-5Tuesday: Paleo Butter Chicken
Paleo Butter Chicken

My da…