42 by 43

Can I lose 42lbs by the time I'm 43? 
My Fitbit stats from the time I started using one. 

The weight has kept creeping up on me, despite weight training. At one point I hit my almost interim goal weight and decided to be happy between 165lbs and 170lbs, allowing for water weight and the monthly ups and downs that come from being a woman, but then the creep started and never stopped.

When I started weight training last September, I told myself, and my trainer, that I could be happy at 180lbs if the majority of it was muscle. In 9 months of consistent work, I never got below 192lbs.

I definitely got stronger, increased stamina, and my back pain went away almost completely, so I was very happy about that, but the Costco-sized muffin top and backfat rolls were not going anywhere.
July 2018

I've gained a few pounds since I stopped going to the gym regularly, thankfully not as much as I predicted.

This week I'm going to hopefully jumpstart things with some clean eating and the Beachbody 3 Day Refresh. We have an agreement that I can eat the way I need to in order to lose weight. Paleo Pescatarian, here I come!

I have documented proof that I can lose approximately 40lbs and I am determined to do it again. Minus the Ingress. I wonder if that was the secret? That Ingress diet is no joke (unless you have plantar fasciitis and are legit allergic to the cold).

Here's to getting back down to a weight where I feel good about myself.