You Don’t Have to Take My Word For It

I have flown through a few episodes of LeVar Burton Reads on my commute, and it has made it so much more enjoyable. If you happen to follow me on twitter, you know exactly how I feel about Boston drivers. And yes, I know that I am so very late to this particular podcast party. Flip side, I get to binge, which is how I have been consuming most of my media lately.

Yesterday morning I got caught up in: Seriously, transported to the Sedona desert, which happens to be a bucket list travel destination.

This morning's treat was Black Betty:

I now need to track down the rest of her talking animal stories.

And yesterday's evening commute was: which introduced me to Octavia's Brood so you know my to-read shelf just got longer.

I'm actually looking forward to my drive home tonight

If you listen to this podcast, what are some of your favorite stories?

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