TBB Asks: Love Edition

14 Questions about love and Valentine's Day from TheBlendedBlog.com

TBB Asks: February - All About Love

I have very strong feelings about Valentine's Day, though I guess with February being the worst part of winter, it's nice to have a justifiable reason to stay in, indulge in way too many chocolate-covered treats, and binge movies

  1. Kisses or Hugs?
    Do I know you? Whatever happened to handshakes? For those I am related to, hugs. Kisses are reserved for making owies better, saying goodnight, and that special someone.
  2. Candy or Flowers?
    Why not both? I hate choosing between two things that I enjoy.
  3. Baking or Cooking?
  4. Do you remember your first kiss?
    Yes. He said he would marry me when we grew up. And then life happened. Kindergarten love was so easy.
  5. Favorite color of roses?
  6. Conversation hearts, yes or no?
    Loved them as a kid, can't stand them now. Did they change the formula or something? Or have they always tasted like chalk?
  7. Do you leave love notes?
    I'm the pragmatic one. Sometimes I'll send a love text.

  8. Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?
    I fall into the camp of "It's an annoying made up holiday and if you can't show me love everyday, we have a problem." TL;DR - emphatically no.
  9. Red or Pink?
  10. Milk, White, or Dark chocolate?
    White chocolate isn't chocolate. Dark all the way.
  11. Do you beleive in love at first sight?
    When it comes to my dog, yes. There was no doubt. Please refer to above where I am the pragmatic one.
  12. Do you give humorous or serious Valentine's Day cards?
    Humorous. Teeth-achingly sappy occasionally. 
  13. Favorite chick flick or romantic movie?
    The Princess Bride and Kate and Leopold.
  14. Stay in or go out?
    Depends on my mood, but lately we have been going out and that is fine by me. No dishes!