Spaghetti Arms and Fire Legs

No, this post is not about a new recipe nor a new dance.

The burn! It hurts! My shoulders are on FYRE!

I really need to book myself a hot stone massage.

Today was not #deadliftMonday. He (my trainer) keeps switching it up on me. Which I guess is a good thing. Today, since I am usually a zombie at 6am on Monday mornings anyway, today we did ... medicine ball throws (14lb instead of 10lb), reverse lunges, body weight and then with a 30lb kettlebell, which got insanely heavy on my last set, incline dumbbell bench press, 20lb each hand, also insanely heavy by the time I got to the end, and back fly row, 22.5lb, I couldn't get my form right and instead of injuring myself, we switched to the machine row, 35lb. By the time I was done with that circuit my arms felt like spaghetti. "More reps instead of weight today". I almost wish he had kept upping the weights and lowering reps.

Did I mention the reverse lunges? By the time I got to work, I was staggering out of the car. My thighs are on fire too. I should be standing, and I did for a while, but I am so tired. I stood for a little bit and will stand again once my laptop is charged. I'm seriously thinking about bringing my TENS unit to work with me for the days I have to do reverse lunges. These are the days I drink my magnesium supplement. I have learned that if I don't, I won't be able to walk for two days. Cold nights plus sore thighs do not make for a happy mama.

So, what are your lift war stories? Help me feel like this is worth it, especially since I have been training since September and keep gaining weight instead of having all this new muscle eat all the fat.

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