Menu Plan Monday: Plated

I've been more than a little skeptical of the home delivery meal kit plans for various reasons.

  1. So bougie
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  3. Not frugal!
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  5. Lack of customization
The ones I have looked at couldn't be customized for all the things my family needs (read that as "my daughter would exist on air if it had any nutritional value and paleo keeps me off opioids for chronic back pain and IBS"), so menu planning, weekly or bi-weekly grocery shopping, and cooking have had to be done from scratch. And I thought life would forever be that way. Disclaimer: having my local grocery store deliver during the winter months has been a life and sanity saver, so I guess I was half-way there.

Screencap of my first week's menu from Plated
My first week on Plated. 
And then I started listening to "Steal The Stars" - and to hear the guys gush about Plated ... ok, really, it was the 50% discount that hooked me along with the selection. (I would totally link to my referral code at this point, but I have to order a few more boxes, so please, subscribe to the podcast and use theirs). And the fact that I could swap out meals!!!! I signed up at about the same time I signed up for #Cook90 (obviously I wasn't feeling motivated to menu plan in the new year), and my box of goodies arrived last night. I was so excited!

The other selling point about Plated is the cost. Given what I spend now at the grocery store to fit all of the dietary needs ($100-300/wk - depending on who is eating and whether or not a growth spurt is involved), this is a deal:

3 Servings WEEKLY PRICE / week +  shipping4 servings WEEKLY PRICE / week +  shipping

I'll have to re-evaluate when Joy returns, but seriously. It's almost the same cost and saves me time! That's a win all around.

Plated has excellent customer service as well:

On the menu this week:

Butternut Squash and Beef Chili

Peruvian Aji Chicken

Beef Bolognese over Spaghetti Squash

Steak Frites

And I will have to come up with something for Friday! After last night I realize there will be little to no leftovers.