Deliciously Steamy Recovery

I went to the gym at 8am today. Crazy right? But you know what? It was practically empty!!!! Anxious Introvert heaven! Locker room - empty. Floor - like three people. Cardio machines? Only two in use! I had my pick!

The elliptical seemed like a good choice again. 45 minutes on an interval program and I did the majority of this week's video lectures for a Coursera course. I was feeling productive even though I hadn't had any coffee yet. Trying out this thing called "Time Management."

Not too bad if I do say so myself, considering how I feel about cardio.
I guess I was more relaxed today. Max HR only hit 154 according to the machine

Fitbit has different stats

I felt good as I got off the elliptical and then I had a brilliant epiphany. I had enough time to try the sauna! My trainer has been encouraging me to use it ever since the weather turned but I never make time for it. That is going to change STAT! I'm going to have to get over not wanting to be seen naked, or disassociate like crazy, but I'll figure it out. Did I mention that the locker room was EMPTY??? I had timed the end of my workout in between classes.

Anyway, back to the sauna. Such steamy goodness. I wanted to do 15 minutes, but I could barely do 10. Maybe a little too much steam and heat (OMG, what am I saying???). I had trouble breathing, even through a towel. But as I lay there, breathing, thinking, absorbing the warmth, I felt like I was back in the Caribbean soaking up the sun. So I focused on that thought. Until I couldn't breathe again. Okay, time to get out.

As I waited for the shower to get hot, I noticed my skin was red -- as if I had just spent three hours in the sun. Wouldn't it be cool if you could get a tan from the sauna?

And nearly 20 minutes after the sauna I was still red ... And sweating!

 I'm still not quite sure what to think about that phenomenon. The only other time I get red like that is after a few hours in the sun.

I was beginning to reevaluate my initial thoughts about the sauna. But it was so gloriously warm. Down into my bones warm. Now if I could only get a tan...