Always Do a Patch Test

After I got out of the shower this morning I noticed a burning sensation on my neck. The only time I have that sensation is when I wear a less than pure or top-quality necklace. However, I did just color my hair. Crap. I lifted my braided bun and ...
Irritated skin right
at the base of my neck.
 Not quite hives

You might have to zoom in, but at the base of my neck is the irritated area. No, that is not a dye stain, which I kind of hoped at first. It feels different to the touch from the surrounding skin (patchy and angry, not smooth and soft). I have to wonder if it's the interaction of the dye with my necklace because my hands and scalp feel fine. It's just that little area that burns like the dickens. And this chain is pure silver. I've been wearing it almost everyday since 2010.

The Importance of Patch Testing

Well, beyond the obvious opportunity to avoid a severe allergic reaction (just google it), I will now have to take allergy meds until this clears up and washing my hair will be interesting since the last time I went purple I got hives freaking everywhere, every single time! 

You can be allergic to dyes of all sorts, even natural ones. The last time I went purple, I used Arctic Fox, an all-natural, vegan dye. You can also build up an allergy over time like Pauley Perrette. So always take the 48 hours and do that patch test. It's less inconvenient  that ending up in the hospital.