Problem: Solved

Ok, so I had a real weird problem while I was away from home.

Of course, as of this writing, they still haven't answered me. Nothing I could find related to Microsoft, OneDrive, or any of the other MS apps worked either. This means I had to figure out a solution myself using the tools at hand.

Problem Solving Methodology

On my Pixel C, VLC wasn't working the way I needed it to, but the other option to view the videos was Plex. Plex???? For playback of videos in OneDrive? Ok ... Hit Plex, voila! Video lesson played flawlessly. No buffering, no other issues I was experiencing with VLC. But I still really wanted a playlist, ya know.

So I remoted into my home computer (because who doesn't, and I couldn't create the playlist in the Plex app, that would have been lucky),

grabbed the files from OneDrive, made a PMP Video Lecture Library for Plex, loaded videos into there and ...

Hey, look at that, I now have my video lectures, in a playlist, on my tablet.

Now I can watch my videos, in the order that I need to, without going back into OneDrive to select the next one in the series.

Somewhat related video that turned up while I was looking for a gif for this post.