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Menu Plan Monday: Back to School Edition

What a day!!! I know that for most of you, "back to school" means a return to routine for yourself and your kids, and probably started at least a month ago. In our case,  I started a new course today. Since becoming unemployed back in May, and with everything else going on that I haven't had time to properly document here, I haven't really menu planned and I've been really horrible about going to the grocery store just ... whenever.

This past weekend was a bit packed so I didn't have time to properly sit down and plan things the way I prefer. Inspiration hit on the way home from class with a little help from my daughter, who requested Cajun Salmon for tonight.

Monday: Cajun SalmonTuesday:Cod and Chorizo
Wednesday: Jambalaya

Thursday: Pineapple Turkey Burgers

Friday: Leftovers