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Menu Plan Monday: Sweet Meats

Ok, not really, but it is Valentine's Week. Yay. And I have managed to hit 190 again. Not so Awesome Sarcasm GIF from Awesome GIFs And so we find ourselves focusing on discipline. Clean eating. Willpower. And horrible weather that encourages #emoeating . Shall we begin? Menu Plan Monday hosted by Sunday : Zuppa Toscana - with sweet Italian chicken sausage. Zuppa Toscana Monday : Paleo Spaghetti - really, zoodles, homemade marina sauce, and meatballs. Tuesday : Something special -- Seared Steak with pan-roasted grape and port sauce -- wait! Breaking News! I don't have to cook. That will be saved. Wednesday: Paleo Butter Chicken Thursday : Paleo Avocado Burgers  - modified from the original recipe. No dressing needed. Pineapple Avocado Burgers Friday : Paleo Cream of Broccoli Soup with Chicken and Bacon Saturday : Crockpot Chicken and GF Cornbread Dumplings So, how are you dealing with the dead of winter?