Did you miss me?

For the last few months, say, since July,I've been looking for somewhere to move my blog, trying to relearn Drupal, and ultimately settling on Joomla.

I have drafts going back that far because

I've also been thinking about what direction I want things to go in. Last August I thought I could continue here, but ... I think I have finally outgrown the Blogger platform.
September was the last straw:

I've also been working on a couple of side projects.
Multiverse Reviews The ultimate review site for all of your F&SF products. (Yes, I know it needs a lot of work. It's a WIP).
Geek Questioner Podcast - occasional co-host and P.A.

You can now find me at unfocusedwanderlust.me. I guess I should publish some of those drafts.