Menu Plan Monday: Starting Clean

The holidays are finally over and it is time to get back to clean eating. My body is screaming for relief, despite loving just about every dessert I managed to put in my mouth. No resolutions for me, just back to the same old same old clean eating and hoping I will lose this holiday weight (thankfully only 5lbs this time!).

However, since I am Keeper of the Kitchen, Menu Plan, and Grocery Bill, there are some keto type additions and modifications due to other's resolutions.  Also, since keto and paleo don't play well together, I will be getting creative with substitutions because I am not a short-order cook.

Sunday: Chicken and Broccoli Soup inspired by this recipe and this recipe and made with homemade turkey stock. Recipe coming soon as I finish eating and maybe knock out some homework.
Monday: Spinach Fritatta (Whole 30, pg 206)
Tuesday: Grilled Steak with Garlic-Shallot puree and avocado with green beans and mushrooms
Wednesday: Pan roasted brussels sprouts and squash with chicken sausage (Whole 30, pg 286)
Thursday: Eggplant heavy Ratatouille (Whole 30 pg 288)
Friday: Leftovers. Sometimes I forget that I am now cooking for two instead of two and a growing teenager.
Saturday: More leftovers aka whatever the hell I want. Or some extra dark chocolate.

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