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Menu Plan Monday: Purple

Yup, this week we are going to taste colors. I was inspired to make a color-themed meal plan whilst I was cutting up heirloom carrots in all sorts of colors, including purple for Christmas dinner, which I forgot to take pictures of before it was devoured, but it looked good and tasted even better.

Monday:  Eggplant Lasagna - a mashup of multiple recipes, so I guess I should post my own version.

Tuesday:  Sweet Potato Bisque

Wednesday: Road trip!
Thursday: NYE - I hope someone else is cooking
Friday: I need to decide between Purple Carrot Cake (it's savory!) or Purple Carrot and Ginger Soup.

Menu Plan Monday: Christmas Week

Monday: Spicy Lime Beef Salad
Tuesday: Second viewing of The Force Awakens at Alamo Draft House!!!!! No cooking for me.

Wednesday: Salmon and Spud Salad
Thursday: Curried Cauliflower Soup 
Friday (Christmas):
Crown Roast of Lamb (or maybe Mereneese, I have't decided yet or maybe I'll do a Mereneese Crown)Maple buttered roasted carrotsMashed butternut squashRollsSteamed veggiesLemon pound cake (family recipe) for dessert.
Saturday: Leftovers

Wordless Wednesday: Mission Control

Mission Control - Space Center Houston

Nerdvember Recap

All my goofy glory and amazing t-shirt collection recapped in one post. I managed every day except one and I still have plenty of t-shirts left. There was no DisneyBounding or much subtle cosplay compared to last year. And I am very happy to return to behind the camera until next year.