Menu Plan Monday: It's Fall

September 27, 2015
It's officially Fall and I am craving carbs, like potato soup, but Houston doesn't understand that it's Fall. It's still acting like Summer. Like SoCal, but worse. Much worse with the humidity. Well, except for today, today it's cool and rainy and finally a day I can wear jeans!

This week's fall inspired menu will include seasonal vegetables and warm comfort food.

Monday: Beef Pot Roast/Brisket with roasted vegetables (The Whole30 pg 214)
Tuesday: Ratatouille (pg 288) and Meatballs (pg 226)
Wednesday: Chicken with grilled asparagus

Thursday: Salmon and Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Dairy Free Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Friday: Surf'N'Turf Salad
Surf'N'Turf Salad
Breakfast will be these wonderful Blueberry Muffins and/or Eggs and Bacon. Lunch will be leftovers (if I'm lucky), or tuna and avocado.


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