Cabin Fever

... In the summertime. Not the dead of winter when it would make sense. Nope. In the middle of summer.

I hate you, Gulf Coast. I hate your humidity that keeps me trapped indoors. It's entirely too hot and humid to do anything enjoyable outside. Too hot and humid to even make the run to the car to drive to someplace else where the AC is set at freezing temperatures. What is it with establishments here? The AC seems to be set at 65 everywhere I go! Why should I leave home just to go someplace else indoors where I can't get comfortable and just chill out?

I hate how inactive I have become. The bugs, they eat me. I look like a horned melon in places. Allegra can only do so much. I hate going outside. But that can't be right because I love the outdoors. At least I did before I started becoming dinner and dessert for the mosquitoes and biting flies.

This is the first Labor Day Weekend in memory where I am not doing something active, social,  or outdoors. I should be camping, BBQ'ing, sun-worshiping at the beach (what the heck! 100F in Galveston!), or otherwise enjoying the last 3-day weekend before Thanksgiving and shopping hell. The cabin fever is affecting everyone in the house. Angsty teen, angry Hulk Hunk, bored pets, and stabby Mom. Not a good combination. If I was by myself, I would marathon all the shows I missed over the last few months while sipping on some Firefly Vodka Sweet Tea, but alas, that's not the case.

Everyone wants to do something. I mean, it's the last gasp of summer, right? We need something to do before we kill each other.