Got Crabs?

If I ever have the need to absolutely destroy something like Hulk under the influence of the Scarlet Witch, that would be the time to make me eat crab (in the shell, crab cakes are another story). Otherwise, I just want to eat my food, not work for it. I mean, anything that needs a nutcracker and a tool that looks like seam ripper just to get to the meat ... too much work.
KJ Steampot
Snow crab, seared scallops and mussels in a light
Kendall-Jackson wine sauce with hints of garlic, pepper and notes of citrus.
I do have to admit that the scallops, crab, and mussels were delicious, I just didn't want to work for my food, get crab juice shot into my eye, or get so messy that I needed baby wipes and to wash thoroughly with soap and water. That kind of stuff should only be reserved for BBQ ribs. I mean, I haven't worn a bib since I was 4!
Crab Lover - only if it's already out of the shell
Dessert made up for some of it.

What's left of the Campfire S'mores
A huge slice of chocolate cake between two crispy
graham crackers topped with a Hershey's® Chocolate Bar and freshly toasted marshmallows.

And then we really needed to work off that dessert, so we walked back down to the Pier. I was somewhat reminded of Santa Monica.

Beautiful sunset at the pier
And I thought it would be cool to walk down the pier and check out the rides for a future trip, but unlike Santa Monica, you have to pay to get past the entrance. Just to walk around. What the fruit?

Bonus: All that walking paid off in a new badge.