Bantu Knot-Out (FAIL)

So, unintended consequences of having all that exposed scalp? SUNBURN!!!! Yay. A sunburned scalp is a very uncomfortable thing. Guess I'll be wearing it down anyway, or at least half up and half down.

And my hair still can't figure out how to hold a wave or curl even after being in Bantu knots for three days. The front kind of waved, but it fell by the end of the day. These were taken right after letting them all down. 

The back didn't wave or curl at all. And the sides, forget it. They were just confused. My ends ... they are still doing their own thing. I am about at my wits end about what to do with my hair in this freaking humidity! I can't even get it into a bun that looks respectable. And I still managed to get dog hair in my hair. Sigh.

I really need to figure out a summer hairstyle that is easy and quick and fairly humidity proof. My length during my installation was between 8"-11" and I haven't gotten everything cut to an even length yet because some sections are not fully locked. I'm now much longer than that. It's a really weird feeling for me to put my hair in a low ponytail and feel it brushing my back. With all the Houston bugs, I often mistake it for flies landing on me. Though it could be that too.

Any ideas or products to help me out?