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Menu Plan Monday: Using the Whole30 Cookbook

The chores never end, even when you work from home. The Man asked if he could help with anything, so I handed him the cookbooks and said "Pick a few recipes".

Going back to strict Whole30 is helping him, I'm supplementing my mood with raw honey and dark chocolate. Trust me, it's needed. And with the <insert expletive> heat and humidity in Houston, I'm ok with not losing weight the way I was in California. I figure I'll hit goal weight eventually. It's taken over a month for me to get back on a regular walking schedule, that's good enough for now.

In no particular order this week:

Sunday: Tilapia with Green beans and Cherry tomatoes
#cy365 Day 27 Tonight's dinner is a #nourishing meal of broiled tilapia (liberally seasoned with Italian seasoning), green beans and cherry tomatoes with a side of avocado. Cooks up from frozen in about 15 minutes. #timesaver #whole30 #captureyour365 #paleo #oneography #foodphotography A photo posted by Annette (@…

Bantu Knot-Out (FAIL)

So, unintended consequences of having all that exposed scalp? SUNBURN!!!! Yay. A sunburned scalp is a very uncomfortable thing. Guess I'll be wearing it down anyway, or at least half up and half down.

And my hair still can't figure out how to hold a wave or curl even after being in Bantu knots for three days. The front kind of waved, but it fell by the end of the day. These were taken right after letting them all down. 

The back didn't wave or curl at all. And the sides, forget it. They were just confused. My ends ... they are still doing their own thing. I am about at my wits end about what to do with my hair in this freaking humidity! I can't even get it into a bun that looks respectable. And I still managed to get dog hair in my hair. Sigh.
I really need to figure out a summer hairstyle that is easy and quick and fairly humidity proof. My length during my installation was between 8"-11" and I haven't gotten everything cut to an even length yet because som…

Got Crabs?

If I ever have the need to absolutely destroy something like Hulk under the influence of the Scarlet Witch, that would be the time to make me eat crab (in the shell, crab cakes are another story). Otherwise, I just want to eat my food, not work for it. I mean, anything that needs a nutcracker and a tool that looks like seam ripper just to get to the meat ... too much work.
I do have to admit that the scallops, crab, and mussels were delicious, I just didn't want to work for my food, get crab juice shot into my eye, or get so messy that I needed baby wipes and to wash thoroughly with soap and water. That kind of stuff should only be reserved for BBQ ribs. I mean, I haven't worn a bib since I was 4!
Dessert made up for some of it.

And then we really needed to work off that dessert, so we walked back down to the Pier. I was somewhat reminded of Santa Monica.

And I thought it would be cool to walk down the pier and check out the rides for a future trip, but unlike Santa Monica, yo…

Summer Style: Bantu Knots

OK, Houston, you win. I can't take it anymore. After this morning's walk, I was once again drenched in sweat. I think my hair gained a pound or two between myself and the ambient humidity. And there is so much hair. I had barely gotten my hair contained into something one could very loosely call a ponytail (seriously, it was a grocery store rubber band holding my hair off my face. I couldn't even wrap it around twice).

So after washing my hair I opted to bantu knot it. No more dog hair (hopefully), air flow on my scalp and hopefully less weight gain due my hair's amazing ability to absorb all the moisture from the air or from sweat. I just wish I could have gotten them to lay nice and flat. Not all of my ends wanted to be tucked, so the back doesn't look quite as good, but at least it's off my neck!