Menu Plan Monday: Freezer Cleanout

I don't plan on doing much cooking this week since my cupboards look like this:

I'm in the process of packing and this past weekend I pretty much deconstructed my kitchen. I have a few pans left out and salt and pepper for seasoning. Oh, and some Jamaican Jerk seasoning. The fridge looks like my cupboards, except for the ubiquitous condiments that will be (unfortunately for the Depression-era frugal saver portion of my personality) thrown out by this weekend. I plan on eating what's left in my freezer, which isn't much. 

Monday: Turkey burger and sweet potato fries
Tuesday:  Pan-seared lemon pepper tilapia and butternut squash
Wednesday: Bacon and avocado scramble (breakfast for dinner)
Thursday: Grilled or pan-seared Mahi-Mahi with pineapple mango salsa
Friday: Eating out if I have managed to eat everything in the freezer, or leftovers.