Menu Plan Monday: Whole 30 Cleanse

First off, carb withdrawal after a mind-blowing cruise sucks sweaty monkey balls.

Oddly enough, Sunday and yesterday weren't too bad, I think I was just too dehydrated, exhausted and sunburnt to notice. Today is my first day back in the office and I have had more mood swings than a pre-menstrual teenager (Gawd, I hated those days).

Last night's dinner actually hit the spot, but that's probably because I hate a whole avocado instead of caving to the cravings.

So, what do you do when 4-course dinners are not being served to you each night and you realize you really do want to fit into your jeans again? Because you gained at least 8lbs on vacation?
I haven't weighed this much in at least three months
Go back on a strict paleo cleanse, also known as Whole 30. I actually gained over 8, but 8 is a lot easier to lose than 10. At least in my mind. I'm starting with hydration. Between the sunburn and alcohol consumption and just not drinking enough water period, I am parched. I think on Sunday and Monday alone I drank about a gallon of water. I can't seem to get enough, or green tea (thank you Panera for your delicious green tea).

This Week's Menu

Monday:  Improv Kitchen Caribbean Surf-n-Turf Salad
Tuesday: Improv Kitchen Primal Jambalaya (recipe adapted from Mark's Daily Apple)
Wednesday: Improv Kitchen Chile Verde
Thursday: B.L.A.S.T.
Friday: Stuffed Peppers - adapted to be Whole 30 compliant.

Why "Improv Kitchen"? Those are the days when the recipe is just a guideline or I seriously make something up based on ingredients I have on hand.


  1. Thanks, @Katie Galloy. I've pretty much turned Paleo into a lifestyle that works for both me and my family members. I'll take a look at your cookbook review.


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