App Review: Unclouded

Unclouded app

The revolutionary tool to explore, analyse and clean your cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and BOX).
With this app you will be able to:
1 - See which files or folders are using most of your storage
2 - Know which categories you have the most (images, videos, etc)
3 - Find duplicates
4 - Know which files have been changed and when
5 - Search for files
6 - And much more..
You can also use Unclouded as a regular cloud file explorer.
All of this you can do while offline! You just have to sync the file list, and you're good to go.
Thank you, thank you, thank you +Tony Fleming  for introducing me to Unclouded! My Google Drive thanks you, and I will probably pay and use it on all of my cloud services. I've already freed up a few GBs of space and now that Google+ Photos are being (ever so slowly!) imported into Drive, I will be using it often to clear out dupes...if I can.

I just discovered that G+ renames photos if/when I add them to posts, so not only do I have the original from Auto Backup, but a renamed version from posts. Doing this visually is going to suck monkey balls. Thanks so much +Google Drive and +Google+ Photos . Guess I'll keep using my convoluted way using the desktop version of Picasa.

How do you keep duplicate photos and files under control in cloud storage?