Sisterlocks Update

March 2014 - Wow, a year ago they were nowhere near collar bone length!
Back then, I don't remember complaining about the thickness or being too hot every day either.
Hey, look! It's late March. I can't believe it's been a year since my last update. Time sure does fly when I am not obsessing about my hair. Well, only occasionally obsessing about it. I can only see real change in the length of it on wash and henna days, otherwise, it's still shrinking 50-75%.
I've played with different styles and tried curling with both Flexi-Rods and Bantu knots. I finally resorted to just using a curling iron to save time and some of my sanity. The curls still fall by the end of the day. My loctitian suggested Lottabody, and the next time I am able to have a Saturday or Sunday as wash day, I will be curling my hair. I also need to purchase a bonnet style hair dryer to make that particular experiment work. I now know from experience that it takes my hair two days to dry when I use Flexi-Rods or Bantu knots. It just looks better at this stage styled in some way.

Because I have multiple textures, some of my ends are raggedy. I'm almost fully locked in the back and middle, but my front, which is more like Amer-Indian hair, is taking forever (as in still in the coil phase and not budding).

Hunting down the photos took some time, so these are all unedited. Hope I don't break your screen!

April 2014 - Just a little fun at Clockwork Couture. I opted not to post the one of me trying on a waist-cincher.

This counts as collar length, right?

Middle of April and it was cold enough for my peacoat. 

May 2014 -  Definitely collar length now. Still thin enough that I could use the hair jewelry that I mentioned in last year's post.

Volume is not an issue for me.

 #FridayFace Crown - I was trying out a new style because HOT!
Gotta get these locks off of my neck.

And I even survived Detroit over the Memorial Day Weekend.

June 2014 -  I think I see some length now.
Amazingly, he doesn't want to play with my hair.

Good enough for LinkedIn

July 2014 -  The awesome thing about Sisterlocks is that I don't have to carry a ton of products when I travel.

Sun's out guns out. This was taken at Fort Warren in MA.

This is just one of my favorite photos from last year.

August 2014 - LOCAVERSARY!
 I decided to celebrate by buying Flexi-rods and seeing what would happen. You can read all about it during one of my first Blogs of August posts.
Big, fat juicy curls. Not exactly what I was aiming for.

'Nuff said.

More experimentation. I was trying for a braided crown,
but it got super chunky halfway through.

September 2014

Still doing great with water sports.

October 2014 -  There are these, and then there is the Octopus Bun.
I think I have discovered the perfect recipe for my henna.

There's a con a'coming and I need to stretch the hat,
otherwise, I will have a monster headache.

Past my chin, awesome.

A little wild after a long day at work.
At least it's not standing up on end.

November 2014 -  Nerdvember really stretched my creativity, not only with clothing choices, but with what I could do with my hair.
Hello, Sweetie.

Browncoats unite!

Aimed for 1940's look for Veteran's Day.

Mrs. Doubtfire

December 2014 - This is the only one I could find that I liked.

January 2015 -  This was the month I discovered some ridiculously long locks. Some of them are almost 20" long! I just wish it was more uniform. And I haven't fully locked, so I can't even get a decent trim.

Fresh henna

I still need to write my review of this stuff
I twist a lot to keep it off my face.
Ponytail holders just don't work anymore.

February 2015
I clean up well.

Big hair...

March 2015 - Finally long enough to use one of those donut bun makers, but it took longer to tuck and get it to look right than to take my shower and dress! Not worth it, though I was complimented enough that I will probably pull it out for special occasions. You can also see the results of curling my bangs with a curling iron.
Fresh re-ti and my hair loves to fly in the wind.

This was using  a large bun maker.
I couldn't fit all of my hair into it
and had to leave about 1/4 out.


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