Menu Plan Monday: Add a Little Spice

I planned this menu last week and never got around to the grocery shopping. We ended up eating whatever I could throw together from the fridge and eating out at least twice. Not good for my budget.

Lately, I've had to make even more adjustments to our diet (read that as "lifestyle") and how I cook. In addition to dairy intolerance, tolerable if she takes a Lactaid, my daughter's soy intolerance is a borderline allergy. She can't have anything that contains soy oil (looking at you Trader Joe's snacks), or that has soy lecithin. Did you know that stuff is in practically everything? I couldn't even buy tapioca for the pie I made (recipe and link coming soon).
It tasted so much better than it looks.

She's gotten used to eating super-healthy for dinner, but breakfast has become problematic since she's now allergic to eggs (probably the whites since even paleo safe mayo affects her), but not if it's baked as an ingredient in something. I'm still trying to figure that one out. And the surprise she sprung on me when I handed her a bag of Alien Fresh Beef Jerky -- HFCS gives her a headache.
All of this is now off limits

Here's to cooking whole, real food from scratch.

Monday: Orange Chicken (not breaded, looking into Coconut Aminos) with steamed broccoli
Tuesday: Mahi-Mahi Grilled Fish Tacos
Wednesday: Turkey and Spinach Stuffed (Sweet) Potatoes
Thursday: Lettuce Wrapped BLT's (we've given up on store-bought GF bread. She just won't eat it).
Friday: Spiced Honey Lemon Chicken with Sweet Caramelized Brussels Sprouts (I'll have to remember to marinate the chicken beforehand).

So, what are you looking forward to eating this week?