Wireless Charging for Everyone!

Or, at least for all of my toys.

My Nexus has been having issues lately with charging from a cable (as in, I can't remember the last time it took less than 8 hours to get to 100% even using a high capacity block), so I went looking for a dock, but discovered that I could get two wireless chargers for the price of one dock, wired or wireless. Sweet, one for home, one for the office. Bonus, they come in colors other than matte black, so of course I got one to match the shell case of my Chromebook.

And then I thought ... Let's make my M8 wireless too. The only inconvenience is that I will have to change from my wallet case back to the Dot View Case (which has a tendency to butt dial people) ...

Now I just have to wait until Friday for everything to arrive.


This trick works for the iPhone 6 as well, just be aware that wireless charging is a quite bit slower than using that 2amp wall-charger if you're in a hurry.


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