Recap: Capture Your 365 - Week 2

There will be some weird overlap on themes going forward. Each Sunday, Capture Your 365 starts a new theme, which can also be used as a Capture 52. Last week (starting on Jan 4) the theme was "A Reflection of Me". The theme for January 11-17 is "White".

I am going by straight dates for my recaps. For your viewing (and constructive criticism), here is Week 2 - all mobile photography.

January 8:

January 9: Multifaceted.
Major decision paralysis. I had 3-5 ideas and wanted to do a collage in the shape of a three-dimensional diamond. Yeah, my vision and my skill in photo manipulation did not work out this time. Does anyone know of any apps that do shapes like that?

January 10:

January 11:
A photo posted by Annette (@dananner) on

January 12:

January 13:
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January 14:


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