Menu Plan Monday: Week 4 of Whole 30

Wow! Week 4! I can't believe it.

Over the weekend I did make those Paleo Banana Bread muffins, and I (guilt-free) had two for breakfast today, with my coconut creamed coffee (not quite bulletproof). Making them made me realize that I either need a proper mixer or a new blender. Good thing I am used to mixing by hand. It's good for arm strength, you know what I mean?
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Monday: Tilapia with green beans and grape tomatoes
Tuesday: Chicken Mole (hello Crock-Pot, I have missed you) and I really hate cauliflower "rice", to the point that I would rather eat yet another salad. I think I might go a little off the usual side of rice and pair it with spaghetti squash.
Wednesday: African Sweet Potato Soup - swap out the peanut butter for almond butter
Thursday: Grilled Yellowfin Tuna, mango salsa, sauteed zucchini
Friday: Caveman Shepherd's Pie

Saturday: Leftovers
Sunday: YES! Reintroduction time!

So, what crazy thing have you done this month for health and wellness? And did you drive your loved ones crazy in the process?


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