Google+ Comments are giving me a headache

Google+ Comments FAQs - Blogger Help: "What happens if I disable Google+ Comments? If you disable Google+ Comments, comments made by Google+ users during the time that the feature was enabled will disappear from your blog. All other comments (those made by readers before you enabled the feature) will remain."
Well ain't that a ... $!+&#  I want to go back to using +Disqus , but I can't without losing comments on posts that actually had G+ integrated comments. Then again, not that many people comment lately.

I thought it would be cool to have G+ comments because then the conversation can take place in at least two arenas. But I haven't been getting email notifications of people commenting on my posts, and how lame is it that a workaround is to subscribe to the comments on my own site (which doesn't work, by the way. Just tried it) And comment moderation had disappeared, WTF +Blogger ?!  The way the FAQ explains it, one would think that you would see both Comments and G+, but you don't. You get one or the other.

Oddly enough, because people don't comment a lot, this was brought to my attention by someone who was waiting for a reply and I went looking through my email for a notification and ... nada. And then I went further back and ... wow, I have a few people to reply to on my blog and not a single email notification nor G+ notification on my shared post or my G+ Blog page. This is beyond unsatisfactory. And nothing in the forums either. It's a known issue that G+/Blogger refuse to work on.

So ... I'm going back to Disqus just as soon as I can.