Movie Review: Interstellar

I'll try not to give away any spoilers.

I went into this movie a little skeptical because as much as I adore Matthew McConaughey's accent, I wasn't sure I could take him seriously as a father and the hero of a serious sci-fi movie. I wasn't sure that I could take Interstellar as a serious movie for that part either, but OMG! Did it ever deliver!

Disclaimer up front, I took Physics for Dummies in college. The topic fascinates me, but the math is entirely over my head, so I won't be addressing any of that below.

First off, I was stunned and impressed by the score, and lack of it. The silence was used perfectly. By the way, the IMAX theater I saw it in had no issues with the sound mix. I wasn't taken out of the movie at any point due to sound issues. The score did exactly what it was supposed to and then some.

The Hunk was with me (and he's an A/V nut) was so stunned by the visuals of the gargantuan and I quote "What music?" He did notice the silence and the effectiveness of it during all of the scenes that occurred outside of the ship.

T.A.R.S. and C.A.S.E. are my new favorite robots! Especially T.A.R.S. Love his sense of humor, at all levels.

Anne Hathaway's Dr. Brand came off as smug and supercilious without a real reason to behave so, especially once the twist near the end is revealed. I think they could have done so much more with her character since she was the only female scientist on the team and obviously believed in the success of Plan A.

The other doctors didn't leave as quite a strong impression, except for Matt Damon's Dr. Mann ... but *spoilers*. His whole story arc brings an added tension to the movie and further examination of human motivation and need to survive no matter what.

Throughout the movie I was reminded multiple times of 2001 and 2010 and think a rewatch is needed of those two classics and then watch Interstellar again. It is worth multiple viewings. Some people may complain about the slow pace of the movie, but it's needed just so you have time to absorb everything that's going on; and there's A LOT going on, in multiple timelines. For a nearly three hour movie, it passes quickly enough. You may need a kleenex or two, just in case.

Overall verdict: Must see. Must own.