Menu Plan Monday: Reset

Either my scale has been lying to me, or my emo-eating is out of control. I have managed to regain 3-5 hard lost pounds. This does not please me. Oddly enough, except for the Keebler version of Samoas, it's all been "gluten-free" treats -- double chocolate chip cookies, bread (Cajun Salmon, avocado and romaine on a slice of Trader Joe's brown rice gf bread #mouthgasm or maybe I was just really hungry and getting rid of leftovers), pizza, and other baked goods. I even bought gluten-free brownie mix, but haven't made it yet. My persistent food-baby-belly is calling me on my bullshit.

I also noticed that my Starbuck's consumption is way up. Time to start tracking my food intake again (just for accountability +John Lieske, I have a tendency to eat just about anything put in front of me). No one ever complained about me being a picky eater when I was a kid.  Overall I have a healthy relationship with food. I like it and it likes me, a little too much. I like to cook it too. It's also time to catch up with a few more people on Fitbit, Towards that end, I started a burpee challenge. Basically one burpee per day until I can manage 30 at the end of the month. After that I might try Neila Rey's Burpee Challenge (but after feeling like passing out after 6 this morning, we shall see).

And now, why you really clicked on the link. What am I stuffing our faces with this week?

Monday: Turkey Burgers (with arugula and avocado and probably salsa or grilled pineapple) and homemade jo-jos for the kid
Tuesday: Shrimp Stir-fry for me and chicken fajitas for Joy
Wednesday: White Bean and Sausage Saute
Thursday: Curried Turkey Cutlets with Dried Apricots
Friday: Roast Chicken and Sweet Potatoes