Menu Plan Monday: Brought to You By the Letter 'T'

I must be doing something right. Last week my massage therapist (who sees me every week) said that I was looking slimmer (woot!) and my daughter said I felt skinnier when she hugged me (let's ignore the fact that she's on a growth spurt and that her arms are probably longer).

In reality, I think my rather slow detox from my road trip was finally taking effect. At least the bloat is gone and I am back to my pre-trip weight (only 15lbs to go!). However, getting rid of the carb cravings re-created on that trip are something that I struggle with every day (as I put down the Mrs. Fields triple-chocolate cookie and practice something resembling self-control instead of emo-eating)...

I also have been convenience eating or not eating properly at all since it's just myself and really, why should I just cook for myself? Almost 30 years of cooking for other people, I have a hard time cooking for one. Even if I know I will be eating the leftovers for lunch the next day. This week's goal is all meals prepared in 30 minutes or less. It's kind of my thing.

Monday: Blackened Chicken and Avocado sauce over zoodles (I don't make zoodles, too time consuming, I slice the zucchini, saute, slice up an avocado, and make the blackened chicken. 30 minutes or less!)
Tuesday: B.L.A.S.T.

What are some of your favorite summer time dinner recipes?


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