LOTRO Frustration

Holy mother of Baby Cheesus! 

Three hours or so getting through just my intro quests but that was partly due to my lousy sense of direction (the map wasn't that much of a help to someone severely directionally  challenged in an imaginary world) and I wasted about 30 minutes on training because the attack I needed did not pre-populaute and I am so very very very very thankful for the wikis, forums, and walk-throughs that players have been kind enough to post online for total newbs. I think I might have rage quit without them. There is absolutely nothing intuitive about this game. Text-based MUDs were easier. On the other hand, I might have stayed up all night trying to figure it out. Either way, I'm already a Level 4 before I've made it out of my intro quests and I like to shoot things. I'm good at shooting things.
So very very very lost....How do I get back to Edhelion?
Later that night....

Leave it to me to pick the hardest character intro. 5 quests!!!! What the Fruit LOTRO!  I like to do my research a bit beforehand so I can plan. Someone said it would only take 20 minutes to get through all of the quests. I suppose that means if you have been playing the game for years and are aware of all of the changes that don't necessarily match the wikis and walk-throughs and know what to expect. 4 hours in ... I am stopping at the beginning of the 5th part because my back and eyes can't take anymore. This is ridiculous. Sheer stubbornness is keeping me going. I totally missed submitting my Week 2 Distinction Track assignment because I can't even get out of the damn intro to join a kinship (but I did pass my quiz, at least I got the lectures and readings done). I did manage to make Level 5.

Where are the effing bats?!?!!!!
I finally found the bats after I took a break and found where I was supposed to start climbing. All the same ... I'll try again another day (tomorrow). I am not going to let this game beat me.

So, do any of you, my faithful readers play MMORPGs, and if so, which ones? (not WoW, my son tried to drag me into that one, after one night of play I gave up).