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Menu Plan Monday: Brought to You By the Letter 'T'

I must be doing something right. Last week my massage therapist (who sees me every week) said that I was looking slimmer (woot!) and my daughter said I felt skinnier when she hugged me (let's ignore the fact that she's on a growth spurt and that her arms are probably longer).

In reality, I think my rather slow detox from my road trip was finally taking effect. At least the bloat is gone and I am back to my pre-trip weight (only 15lbs to go!). However, getting rid of the carb cravings re-created on that trip are something that I struggle with every day (as I put down the Mrs. Fields triple-chocolate cookie and practice something resembling self-control instead of emo-eating)...

I also have been convenience eating or not eating properly at all since it's just myself and really, why should I just cook for myself? Almost 30 years of cooking for other people, I have a hard time cooking for one. Even if I know I will be eating the leftovers for lunch the next day. This week'…

LOTRO Frustration

Holy mother of Baby Cheesus! 

Three hours or so getting through just my intro quests but that was partly due to my lousy sense of direction (the map wasn't that much of a help to someone severely directionally  challenged in an imaginary world) and I wasted about 30 minutes on training because the attack I needed did not pre-populaute and I am so very very very very thankful for the wikis, forums, and walk-throughs that players have been kind enough to post online for total newbs. I think I might have rage quit without them. There is absolutely nothing intuitive about this game. Text-based MUDs were easier. On the other hand, I might have stayed up all night trying to figure it out. Either way, I'm already a Level 4 before I've made it out of my intro quests and I like to shoot things. I'm good at shooting things.
Later that night....

Leave it to me to pick the hardest character intro. 5 quests!!!! What the Fruit LOTRO!  I like to do my research a bit beforehand so I can…


Only one pint worth. But this is what I feel like. I haven't given blood since I worked as an admin for the UCSD Medical Center. Between some health issues, piercings, a tat, and the erroneous assumption that I shouldn't give blood, I just kept putting it off. That, and the fully rational fear of ending up like a pin-cushion after the various times that I have had to get blood-work done.

The American Red Cross FAQ says that the appointment should only take about an hour, but yours truly was a slow drainer who at one point had 3 technicians hovering over her, trying to figure out why my bag was taking close to 30 minutes to fill. My appointment took a total of 1.5 hours. I have never been asked if I felt OK so many times in my life. It was appreciated.
The problem
My veins roll, a lot. I let them know this before I got to the table and when the technician got it in the first time, we both breathed a sigh of relief. I did NOT want to go through having both arms punched up 3-4 tim…

Watch Out World, I'm trying an MMO Again

I'm an English Lit major (yes, Humanities majors can be geeks too, it's not just the engineers) and into story telling (as in I wanted to be a story-teller when I grew up, but I'm a better editor), but not really a gamer (for reasons, as glossed-over below).

My storytelling skills have atrophied with real life interference (if any of you have read my blog for more than a year or two, you know exactly what I mean). I've tried +edX and self-paced, non-graded +Coursera courses, but this is the first one I'm kind of excited about. (Read that as "OMG! Something to stimulate and challenge me! Hell yeah!")

I need to start using the creative side of my brain again, and despite not having played a MMO since college (something about failing out of my classes and wanting to keep my scholarship... and this was back when they were purely text-based), I already have some ideas for the Distinction Track. And I have 7 days to decide if I want a verified certificate...