Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad DAY!

Yes, I am having one. No, I am not PMSing. I wish I knew what to blame it on. Maybe this unholy wind blowing through SoCal at the moment. All I know is I need to get this out before I can get down to business. Meaning the job that I get paid for. If my computer manages to not blow-up, because, you know, it's overheating like it's about to blow a head gasket or something.

The morning actually started quite pleasantly. I woke up from a marvelous dream, relaxed, happy, NOT STRESSED and tensed up and look, Ma! No bags under my eyes!

And then I had to get my daughter up. Who had had another bout of insomnia, though not as bad as in the last few months (I've taken to just locking my door so she gets the message to let me sleep).  And then she wanted to fight with me regarding personal hygiene. I thought that was a boy thing, not a girl thing. Oh! And both her and her father neglected to mention at drop-off that her make-up report on Greece was incomplete. Well, her plan was to finish it before bedtime (without telling me), but that didn't happen because she isn't a fast typist. Me, I assumed she knew what she wanted to say so I agreed to type for her. Noooooo, she tried to turn it into Mom doing her homework for her. Mommy don't play that! So, more wasted time, but we still made it out the door (theoretically) for her to be minimally late for school and for me to make my 9:45 appointment, until the cab dispatch company got my address wrong twice even after repeating it back to me. So on my third call they actually got it right and the cab magically appeared within two minutes of me hanging up. And this is the cab company that I use all the time and usually when I say my city the morning dispatcher knows who I am and sends someone right away. I have no idea why that didn't happen this time, but it's incentive to start using Lyft or Uber.

Read it for yourself
And it didn't stop with being late to school ... no. I walked in literally a minute after I was called for my 9:45 appointment to be told that my co-parent had just walked out (and no, I didn't see him in the hallway) and then my phone exploded with texts from him, we finally meet up and take 30 minutes to reschedule because neither one of us has time to waitlist or come back in the afternoon (mind blown, maybe should have waitlisted). Sorry, Supreme Court, some of us are actually contributing members of society and have jobs. So I have another mediation coming up next week and can someone just make me an Irish coffee? I'd really appreciate it.

I know, I'm just one big ball of annoying whine this morning but I can't seem to get over it. My mojo is completely screwed and I just want to get back to that fluffy bit of happiness I had before I opened my bedroom door.

It's bad enough when you know you are a procrastinator and run on CPT, but when you take steps to be on time (or early) and other people and their issues make one late, that just makes the whole situation that much worse. Even in Australia.

Off to prioritize and organize my inbox. Let's see how many hats I'll be wearing today.

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