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Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad DAY!

Yes, I am having one. No, I am not PMSing. I wish I knew what to blame it on. Maybe this unholy wind blowing through SoCal at the moment. All I know is I need to get this out before I can get down to business. Meaning the job that I get paid for. If my computer manages to not blow-up, because, you know, it's overheating like it's about to blow a head gasket or something. The morning actually started quite pleasantly. I woke up from a marvelous dream, relaxed, happy, NOT STRESSED and tensed up and look, Ma! No bags under my eyes! And then I had to get my daughter up. Who had had another bout of insomnia, though not as bad as in the last few months (I've taken to just locking my door so she gets the message to let me sleep).  And then she wanted to fight with me regarding personal hygiene. I thought that was a boy thing, not a girl thing. Oh! And both her and her father neglected to mention at drop-off that her make-up report on Greece was incomplete. Well, her plan was

Throwback Thursday: Goofing off

Goofing off with my son while a friend tests his new digital camera. Circa 1997 Pin It

Throwback Thursday: Little Blue Dress

Man, I miss that dress and Lynda. One of the best Girl's Night Out ever. circa 1998   Pin It

Wordless Wednesday: Spring!

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