Sisterlocks update

I thought when I got my locks I would be all gung-ho to document things. I mean, this is new, uncharted territory for me. My hair hasn't been natural since I was 6 ... but having them has given me so much TIME to do other things ... no more spending a day on my hair, unless I'm doing a henna treatment.

Speaking of which, during the Super Bowl I did just henna (no indigo and coffee) and I'm still debating if I like it or not. The first day it was a almost burgundy, but after the first rinse it started fading and we are almost back to orange. Been there, done that, not a good look. I'll be covering with indigo any day now. I want to achieve a black cherry shade, so I will be playing with natural hair color more as I read up on henna recipes. If you have a good one, please tell me in the comments!

Last week, after months of not really working out, I did so hard enough that there was no way in hell I was going to bed sweaty. And most of it seemed to be in my hair, so I did a mid-month wash and decided to braid it, hoping for something cute with the braid out. Well, I should have taken the picture right after I undid all of my braids, because by mid-afternoon almost all of the wave was gone :( Flexi-rods are on my to-buy list. I miss how my hair used hold a curl/wave. And I'm still not supposed to be using hair products, so I don't. My hair is much healthier and softer for it.

So I present The First Six Months  - I'm not big on selfies (really, I'm not), but I have managed to take at least one a month.

August - Install Month
Thin and much scalp showing. This was after the final day of installation.

Managed to cover some of the scalp for work

Got rid of that center part...

Hiking? Not a problem!

Swimming! No problem! And all I had to do after was rinse the salt water out.
Dressed up and fancy side-do
(ok yes, showing off the dress more than my hair,
but, it was long enough to do something fancy)

Already fuller, but my hat still fits, so that's a win!

Right after a tightening. They always seem to look
 like a fresh braid installation.
And are often mistaken for micros

I can wear a ponytail again! OK, I've always put all of it up
for housecleaning and showers,
but this is how I used to wear my hair on a regular basis. Most days I wear it down with a side part for work

March -- see the braid out photos

Personally, I haven't been able to tell much difference, except that my hair is almost back to the fullness before installation, but today at the NoHo Farmer's Market, there's this one vendor who makes beautiful hair jewelry. I stop by her booth every time to pick up some extra large clips, they are about the only thing that can hold my hair other than scrunchies without getting tangled in the locks ... what was I saying ... oh yeah, we talked for about ten minutes just about my hair!

That doesn't really happen to me, but everyone keeps asking if these are braids, and then they look closer and ask about the process and maintenance. It's sooooo nice to be natural and have it under control and easy, literally, wash-n-go care at the same time!

Unfortunately, unlike others who start with 2-4" or relaxed ends, I started with a range of 8-11 inches of virgin growth (that post is still in draft...). And my hair is the type that shrinks 75% when dry. When wet my locks are just past my shoulders, but the length that it's grown in the last 6 months is hard for me to see. I can't wait until it's past my shoulders!

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