Working from home

Usually, I enjoy working from home. Today was the exception that proves the rule.

Today I was WFH because I finally took Joy to get seen about her insomnia. I had planned on being imminently productive (cue laughter).

There were good things and bad things about today's arrangement. Usually I have no issues, but today my internet seemed to freeze at the worst moments. Taking three hours to get a few emails out, not being able to do my analytics report, multiple reboots .... and having workus interruptus from said tween asking for food and being hormonal (it really sucks that she's on my cycle but hasn't started yet. I pray she doesn't have PMDD because if today is any indication, I am going to need a CASE of Bailey's and at least 5lbs of chocolate each month! Boys are so much easier, even if they do turn into aliens). And once I finally got into a groove it was time to leave for her appointment.

Also, insomnia/sleep deprivation + hormonal tween + PMS = crazy (eyed) mom. Thank you to my friends who have let me rant and sexually harass you. I'm not bi-polar I swear. I just wasn't watching the calendar closely enough to know when to go into hibernation.

Oh, and because there's a family history of insomnia, plus hormonal changes due to her age, and blue light (because who doesn't sleep with their phone/tablet/computer these days?) and not enough exercise (at least softball season is starting) ... the solution for now is to switch her from regular melatonin to extended-release melatonin, regular exercise a few hours before bed and quarantine the electronics before bed. And best of all, her doctor told her to stay in bed and quit waking me up. Just lay in bed and work on having lucid dreams (and described the process). Her doctor imparted the importance of staying in bed and resting even if she wasn't fully asleep (something I have been telling her, but I think we have entered the stage where mom knows nothing). And to drop the Negative Nellie attitude. Don't stress about not being able to fall asleep, just think about pleasant, non-stressful things until she drops off again.

And now back my analytics report and unanswered emails.

Do you or your kids suffer from (occasional) insomnia? What are some of your tips and tricks to get through the sleepless nights? Tell me in the comments.

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