Angels and Automatons: a shared-world steampunk anthology by Stephen Minchin — Kickstarter

New Zealand is at it again ... new steampunk anthology with Philippa Ballantine as a contributor. I'm excited and might be reading works from the other authors as I wait for this one to come out.

Angels and Automatons is a shared-world steampunk anthology set in the town of Angelston on New Zealand’s rugged and remote West Coast. The team of authors contributing to the project includes established names as well as those at the early stages of their careers, with folks from New Zealand and around the world. They will all be collaborating on the creation of a shared world in which their interconnected stories will be set – all of the authors will play an equal role, and the world will be unique to this anthology. The resulting book will be approximately 300 pages (longer, if our stretch goals are met) and together, the stories will tell a thrilling and distinctly New Zealand tale of exploration, invention, and destruction.

Be aware that the NZD has a higher value than USD.

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