Monday's Wild Ride

Well... This morning's commute didn't go as planned. We were single-tracking due to someone possibly falling on the tracks. That was the rumor anyway. I'll have to find out for sure later. This is all Metro had to say about it.

Then, in my car, someone was claustrophobic and passed out. Instant crowd panic. Or so it seemed. There was lots of yelling that woke me from my cat nap.

There were some clear-headed commuters around the damsel in distress, but someone else pulled the emergency door release while other passengers started yelling "Red button! Press the red button! We have an emergency!" Of course the red button was down in my end of the car and it alerts the driver that there's an emergency (to be handled at the next stop). The Red Button was pushed. The person who passed out came to about a minute later.

By the time we made it to Vermont/Beverly (I think....) EMTs had been alerted and were waiting. Our driver was courteous to the person who passed out, admonished the group that pulled the door release, but then stalked off trying not to cuss a blue streak (and failing since I heard a few choice phrases) at the whole situation since Sleeping Beauty declined assistance. I swear she was only maybe 5'2" but the energy coming off of her as she walked back to the front of the train was something to behold.  

Final Train. by JasonHeeley on deviantART

After everything was said and done, I was only about 30 minutes late for work.\

Update: The delay was caused by a stabbing. Articles below.

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