Book Review: Flesh and Bone

Flesh and Bone (Body Farm, #2)Flesh and Bone by Jefferson Bass
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After finishing Ghost Story (review forth-coming, maybe) I was in need of a Dresden break before I jumped into Cold Days. None of the fantasy or sci-fi on my list really grabbed my attention, so back to murder mysteries I went.

I am liking the writing style(s) of Jefferson Bass much better than Kathy Reichs (but I still binge on Bones marathons). Spoiler I can't believe they killed off a main character so soon!! I had to make sure I wasn't reading A Game of Thrones.

I was happy to see that Bass and Miranda had made up and that Miranda wasn't all psycho-girlfriend about Bass' blooming love life. The twist ... I saw coming and yet I didn't. Let's just say that the circumstantial evidence was quite convincing, except that you know that he didn't do it, so as a reader you already have doubt and start looking for alternative explanations.

Like most of my favorite books of all genres, this is character driven as much as by the science behind the series. I'm thoroughly looking forward to getting through the series to see what leads up to the ending of Madonna and Corpse.

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