Menu Plan Monday: Back To School

Summer isn't over! What do you mean school is starting tomorrow?!?!

That's me crying, not my daughter. I actually miss the days when school started the Monday after Labor Day. That makes sense.

My daughter is mostly excited that school is starting even though in the last three weeks there was a major SNAFU and I had to pull a miracle out of my ass (with help from the The Teen (who is now the the College Student, stop growing already!) and her dad. But she's enrolled, excited, school clothes and supplies for the first day obtained and I was good and planned the menu yesterday morning so the Teen/College Student could go grocery shopping for me today (Thank goodness for Fresh and Easy Coupons!) because I spent yesterday re-arranging furniture, buying new seat cushions for the dining table and getting a migraine. Then starting 5 loads of laundry. No, I am no insane. Just been busy.

And so .... here's dinner. Breakfast will consist of either cold cereal or eggs and bacon. I might get ambitious and try a dessert, but I don't think that will happen this week unless it's African Fruit Fool.
From Boma -- Flavors of Africa, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Monday: Zippy BLT Wraps - quick, easy, and very little clean-up. I want to be able to prep for tomorrow. School starts at 7:45!

Tuesday: Turkey Tacos - hey, it's Taco Tuesday, who am I to argue?

WednesdayBeef Broccoli (I'll probably eat mine without the rice since I forgot to add a head of cauliflower to the grocery list).

Thursday: Grilled Apple Chicken on top of a Dole Summer Salad

Friday: Blackened Chicken with sauteed zucchini I am way too lazy to make zoodles, so the last three times I have made this, I slice the zucchini, saute it with some salt and black pepper, and just chop up the 'cados on the side. Works just as well. I think I might need to make more cajun/blackening seasoning though ...

What's on your plate this week?
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