First Day of MIDDLE School

It's another one of those days when I swear I just gave birth, but here she is, 11 years later and entering 6th grade. Wasn't she just in kindergarten? And why is 6th the beginning of middle school now? It should be the last year of elementary.
Mom, you got me to school on time. I got this.
You can go to work now.

End of day results
  • She claims she has three of the best teachers in the school (she likes her teachers and classmates, this is a bonus). 
  • She got violin instead of Cadet Corps (thank goodness!)
  • Math is soooooo basic, but I still had to double-check that she didn't miss any prime numbers and tomorrow's homework is composite numbers. 
  • She made friends (she's an introvert at first, so this is important).
  • I am grateful that there wasn't any sort of meltdown over not being able to go to school with her BFF's from elementary.
And now that we have the rest of the school supply/clothing shopping out of the way I am going to pass out so we can start all over again.

Who's bright idea was it to start school at 7:45 am????

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